Special Achievements:

  1. 1999 – SAA/Ellliot Liskin Memorial Award for Painting / “In the Heat of the Day”

  2. 1998 – Featured Artist at the Smithsonian Institution Conservation & Research Center
    “Animals of the World: the Artist’s View” was a fine art exhibition coordinated by Elizabeth Dubenitz of the Sporting Gallery, Middleburg, VA. It featured original paintings and sculptures by renowned wildlife artists to benefit the Conservation & Research Center, a world leader in the study and propagation of many of the world’s endangered species.

  3. 1992 – SAA/Activities Press Print Award / “Queen of the Marsh”

  4. 1991 – Society of Animal Artists Award of Excellence / “The Green Pool”

  5. 1990 – Society of Animal Artists Award of Excellence / “Sarus Cranes at Dawn”


  1. 1994 – Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum  /  “Morning Bath” Sarus cranes, 17 3/4 x 28

  2. 1993 – Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum  /  “Last Light,” 28 x 38, black necked stork

  3. Private & Public Collections:

•    Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, Wausau, Wisconsin
•    Air India Air Lines, Bombay, India
•    Beijing Light Industrial Co. Ltd., Beijing, China
•    Bennington Center for the Arts, Bennington, Vermont
•    The Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, Ohio

•    Bernard Technologies, Chicago, Illinois
•    Cleveland Artist Foundation, Cleveland, Ohio
•    Cleveland Clinic (Cleveland OH and Naples, Florida)
•    Cleveland Metropark Zoo, Cleveland, Ohio
•    Creative Flavors, Chagrin Falls, Ohio
•    Dana Corporation, Toledo, Ohio
•    International Crane Foundation, Baraboo, Wisconsin
•    Al Lerner, Lerner Research Institute, Cleveland, Ohio
•    The Honorable Maharana Arvind Singh, Udaipur, India
•    Mitsubishi Rayon Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan
•    Rossburg Group, Hong Kong, Singapore & Vietnam
•    Private Collection of Maharana of Udaipur, India

Some of the Publications that have featured David’s Watercolors:

  1. “The Pencil Box: A Treasury of Time-Tested Drawing Techniques and Advice” (2006)
    Author: Editors of “The Artist Magazine” and North Light Books
    Published by: North Light Books

  2. Genesis of a Painting (2005)
    Author and illustrator – The article is about David’s working style and shows sketches to finished paintings.
    Author: David Rankin
    Published by: Wildlife Art Magazine

  3. Fast Sketching Techniques (2000)
    author, illustrator and designer – how to book on sketching
    Author: David Rankin
    Published by: North Light Books

  4. Watercolours in a Weekend (2000)
    Illustration — uses Rankin’s paintings to demonstrate water and reflections and the vital role of brush work, color and composition. –
    Author: Hazel Harrison
    Published by: David & Charles, UK

  5. A Love Affair with Cranes (1999)
    illustrator –
    Author: George Harrison
    Published by: Life Today

  6. Animal Artists (1997)
    illustrator –
    Author: Barbara Cotton
    Published by: Sports Afield

  7. A Guide to the Cranes of India (1996)
    Illustrator: David Rankin –
    Author: Prakash Gole
    Published by: Bombay Natural History Society

  8. Jewels of the Tropical Tapestry (1996)
    illustrator –
    Published by: Wildlife Art Magazine

  9. India: Rajasthan (1996)
    Illustrator – A guidebook to Rajasthan
    Author: Edited by Editions Didier Millet
    Published by: Alfred A. Knopf, Inc.

  10. Wildlife Painting Step by Step (1995)
    illustrated the steps in painting “Morning Bath” –
    Author: Patrick Seslar
    Published by: North Light Books

  11. Ideas & Inspiration, Splash 3 (1994)
    one of the watercolorists selected to tell how they find ideas and inspiration– – featured the painting “Last Light” which was purchased by the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum
    Author: edited by Rachel Wolf
    Published by: North Light Books

  12. Wildlife in Watercolor (1994)
    – Article is written about 4 artists in Birds in Art national tour. It includes a number of paintings by David and information about his works and travels.
    Author: Pat Van Gelder
    Published by: American Artist Watercolor ’94

  13. Down the Road from the Taj Mahal (1993)
    an article about Rankin and his paintings –
    Author: Susan Milius
    Published by: International Wildlife Magazine

  14. Artist with a Vision of India (1992)
    Artist Vignette: David Rankin –
    Published by: Wildlife Art Magazine

  15. Winged Glory (1990)
    Co-author and illustrator – An in-depth 14 page article detailing the birds of India, especially those that can be easily seen in various regions where there are hotels in the Taj Hotel chain all across India.
    Author: David & Deanna Rankin
    Published by: Taj Magazine / Bombay (Mumbai)

  16. Artist in India (1989)
    This in-depth 14 page article detailing David’s long working relationship with India; in Minolta Camera’s world reknowned magazine–”Minolta Mirror”, marks the very first time in Minolta’s long corporate history that they devoted so much space to a watercolor painter.  –
    Published by: Minolta Mirror Annual Magazine

  17. Art Scene (5)
    – About the opening of Visions of India: The Watercolor Travels of David Rankin
    Author: Diane Jones, curator of the Genesee Museum
    Published by: Wildlife Art Magazine