David Rankin’s Bio

David Rankin is one of the world’s top professional watercolor painters working today. He and his wife, Deanna, live in Cleveland, Ohio / USA, where David maintains his professional Studio.

David is an honors/graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art and a successful painter, art author, lecturer and workshop trainer. His watercolors are in numerous public and private art collections and have been featured in over 110 Museum Exhibitions; numerous watercolor books & magazines; and in many one-man exhibitions all across North America as well as in Japan and Sweden.

David is one of the true modern-day masters of transparent watercolor and he exudes a dynamic passion for the medium in his lectures, demos, and class instruction.

He is one of the most effective watercolor trainers in the world today. He is a very classic watercolor painter exhibiting the highest level of skills common to transparent watercolor since the 1700‘s. David’s exceptional mastery of the watercolor medium are now seamlessly merged into the very latest 21st century computer & imaging skills. And he uses this unique combination to train artists faster and more effectively


David’s Training Workshops, Classes, and Public Lectures

David often elaborates… “My central training effort is to rapidly upgrade an artist’s skills. Transparent Watercolor on Rough Paper is the most classic, effective, and elegant artistic medium in the world. It has been the most widely used artistic imaging medium since the 1700’s. And coupled with today’s wonderful new state-of-the-art computer skills, a classic watercolor painter can travel all over the world with a full working studio. Or they can work close to home and studio with far a greater creative range of options than artists of the 1800’s could ever have imagined.

    Artists I meet and train come into classes & workshops with hundreds of dollars worth of equipment and loads of enthusiasm. But they don’t need more “passion.” They don’t need to “free themselves up.” And they don’t need to come up with “new ideas for paintings.” They already have more ideas than they could ever paint in one lifetime.

    But the problem I see, and that keeps them from progressing, is that most have simply never been taught correct & precise watercolor brush handling techniques for creating magical washes, blends, values, and textures… on command. So they do not possess the ability to create perfect washes, or build an image using correct values. They tend to resort to over-using “frisket” to create effects that should normally be created with “good brushwork.” And they’ve trapped themselves into only working in their studios… because they’ve lost the ability to work outdoors… directly from Nature.

My goal is to rapidly correct all of these issues.

It has been David’s experience that with just a little precise training in correct procedure & technique they are then able to actualize the abundant creativity and ideas they already possess.