Title:  Bhagirathi Vista

Price:   $4,800 US$ / SOLD

Image Size:   24” x 34”

One of my primary artistic objectives in the Ganges Himalayas is to present some of the most beautiful sights & vistas. This is the single most sacred region of mountains in the world, with an ancient and living spiritual heritage that second to none. However, although the region’s profound spiritual destinations, traditions, and objectives have been well known for thousands of years… it’s extreme beauty tends to get easily eclipsed by the religious atmosphere.

My objective is to try and enhance the public’s appreciation of the Ganges Himalayas from a purely artistic point of view in much the same way as artists of the 1800’s helped to define the extreme beauty of America’s Yellowstone National Park.

This particular view is not only one of my favorite views of the Ganges River, but it is extremely easy to visit as it lies right on the main route up into the Ganges high country on the way to the tiny pilgrimage town of Gangotri.